Serfing the Blogosphere

Sholom the anarchist rabbi, who was a guest speaker at July’s Manhattan Libertarian Party meeting, and who was kind enough to bring along several excellent co-speakers from the heroic Iraq Veterans Against the War, gives a shout-out to our Serf City print edition.

Also reading the dead-tree Serf City is one Sassafras Lowrey at Fuchsia Focus. Sassafras didn’t much care for Joseph Dobrian’s wickedly un-p.c. cover story “You’re Here, You’re Queer, Get Over It.” Personally I thought Joseph’s article was hilarious, but then Sassafras and I probably see a lot of things differently (except that we both presumably prefer female sex partners).

And if you haven’t yet read the latest print edition of Serf City, grab one today at one of our convenient curbside distribution racks before they’re all gone. If you can’t find one, you can read it online here.

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