The Colbert Bump: Ron Paul Edition

This isn’t just another gratuitous Ron Paul post — it’s a gratuitous Ron Paul post with a New York angle. After Ron’s recent appearance on The Colbert Report, he experienced “the Colbert bump” with a little help from his fiercely dedicated NYC Meetup activists. Great job, guys and gals!

(Sorry I’m linking the video instead of embedding it in the post. I can only figure out how to embed YouTube videos on WordPress. Comedy Central’s coding doesn’t seem to work with the WordPress format.)

2 thoughts on “The Colbert Bump: Ron Paul Edition”

  1. A local Iowa talk host, Jan Michaelson of WHO news talk radio has been handling the latest supporter focus in Des Moines Iowa. In one afternoon/evening….they documented over 17,000 server requests to download the broadcast coverage concerning Ron Paul.

    17,000 requests One Day!
    Listen HERE

    http://www.ronpaulaudio has recorded over 60,000 server requests on it’s website that’s only been online for 1 MONTH! (I know….I’m the host!)

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