The War on Sippy Cups

The lovely and talented Becky Akers, a frequent contributor to Serf City and all-around hardcore anarchocapitalist New Yawker, discusses the TSA’s latest outrages and abuses on Antiwar Radio. Becky is a prolific chronicler of the TSA for and is writing a book on the subject. The latest outrage that has Becky’s dander up is some TSA goon harrassing a mother and her toddler because the little punk had the temerity to try to bring his sippy cup through the DMZ. Becky’s article on the subject is here. Video of the terrorist tot and his water of mass destruction is here. (Amazingly, the goons at the TSA have such a twisted perspective that they apparently think the video exonerates rather than condemns their agents, as they posted it on their own “Mythbusters” website.)

1 thought on “The War on Sippy Cups”

  1. I saw virtually the same thing happen in front of me last summer . It was a supervisor who made an ass of himself . The woman on the x-ray and one of her fellow workers even said to him something like “for Chist’s sake , it just the kid’s water .”

    F’n sheep training .

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