Bork the Dork


It seems Robert Bork somehow forgot that he’s not as physically agile as he used to be, so now he’s suing the Yale Club for allowing the judge to hurt himself. According to the New York Post:

The 80-year-old legal scholar is suing the Yale Club after he fell off a raised platform as he prepared to deliver a speech on June 6, 2006, hitting his head and suffering injuries to his leg that required surgery.

“Because of the unreasonable height of the dais, without stairs or a handrail, Mr. Bork fell backwards . . . striking his left leg on the side of the dais and striking his head on a heat register,” states the lawsuit, filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court.

Okay, so let’s say the dais was “unreasonably” high. (One-and-a-half feet? Two feet?) Unless justice is literally blind, Bork should have been able to see that for himself before he attempted the arduous climb. He should also have seen that there were no stairs or handrail. If such a feat as mounting the dais was beyond his physical capacity (and apparently it was), he should have refused to try, or asked for assistance.

Isn’t this just the sort of frivolous lawsuit — the kind that shows utter disdain for the notion of personal responsibility — that a Judge Bork was expected to summarily dismiss, if his Supreme Court nomination had been approved?

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  1. What gets me about standard news coverage is its suppression of detail . It doesn’t take any more characters to specify the height leaving the valuation of its “unreasonableness” to the reader . But that’s only one physical variable . What was the contract ? Is there a link to the actual suit ?

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