Creatures from Another Planet

According to today’s New York Post, Rudy Giuliani accuses Hillary Clinton and other Democratic presidential candidates as living in a “different world” when it comes to the realities of the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Is this the same world where steel buildings fall at free fall speed, due to burning jet fuel?



4 thoughts on “Creatures from Another Planet”

  1. Wow. You should talk to your co-bloggers – they seem to have the crazy notion that it was this guy named Osama bin Laden that was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks.

  2. Floyd – Did Beth’s blog actually say someone else was responsible for the attacks? Or is that just a possible conclusion from seemingly factual physics presented in the charts? Is there something wrong with attempting to apply science to this question? We sure as hell can’t trust anything the government tells us.


  3. Wow, so many questions. She certainly gives the extremely strong impression that she thinks the Bush administration is responsible. So which is it?

    Also, I wasn’t aware that being a Libertarian implies total mistrust of the government. I thought that was Anarchism.

  4. The elementary physics of the 9/11 building collapses was exhaustively ( and I do mean exhaustively ) covered in posts archived at . The fact that the only way for the WTC towers to collapse at free fall is to have all floors start falling ( be blown ) simultaneously . If you have eyeballs , that is NOT what happened . The , if I remember right , 50% greater than freefall time that the collapse actually took would have put the resulting pile more than the height of the towers below ground .

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