Giuliani v Ron Paul: Rudy and the media still clueless on 9/11

On Tuesday night Rudy Giuliani proved he is more willing to pander to fear, ignorance and nationalism than he is to seriously discuss the causes of terror and anti-Americanism.  He played dumb about the voluminous evidence of the direct causes of 9/11 (the reasons given by Osama Bin Laden) and the indirect underlying causes of the terror problem in general.  As a front runner and a moderate, he squandered an opportunity to display real leadership and debate Ron Paul about how to get us out of the crises his party has so badly bungled, much like he squandered opportunities to prepare New York City for foreseeable crises prior to 9/11. 

Instead Giuliani puffed up his chest pretended America can do no wrong and never has.   He had to say it – as if we didn’t know – that he was someone who lived through 9/11. God I hate that.   My office is at 55 Broad Street.  Not everyone who lived through 9/11 has to wear it like a badge. 

It goes without saying that initiation of violence is always wrong whether it’s flying planes into the World Trade Center ,  pre-emptive attacks like Iraq or the overthrow of peaceful Democratic governments such as that of Iran in the early 1950’s .   But it’s a whole lot easier for us to fix our own behavior than it is to forcibly subdue entire civilizations.

It’s hard for anyone to face up to serious mistakes, specially a powerful nation with whole political parties and whole industries whose fate depends on keeping the con running.  The alcoholic may think another drink will relieve the hangover but it won’t help him quit drinking. 

I know it’s tough for politicians to try to deal in fact, but can’t we get even a little real leadership from the leading candidates for the most powerful job in the world.  Only long-shot Ron Paul faces any facts at all.  The Nation’s John Nichols does a great job of framing the issue when he writes “Rudy Giuliani made clear in Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate that he is not ready to let the facts get in the way of his approach to foreign policy”.

But Rudy is not the only one refusing intelligent debate on a country’s biggest crisis.

Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin reveled in showing his complete lack of seriousness or knowledge of the subject calling  a 10 term Congressman and two time presidential candidate Ron Paul an “old-timey Texas crank “

Michigan GOP leader Saul Anuzis wants Ron Paul banned from future GOP debates.  What’s he so afraid of?  Could it have anything to do with the tremendous positive reaction among conservatives to Paul’s performance in the first debate?  Paul hit the GOP where it hurts, in their conservative base. 

Shawn Hannity makes a complete fool of himself and shows his lack of professionalism (surprise,  surprise)  continually interrupting Ron Paul as Paul intelligently and calmly tries to answer his questions in this amazing video clip  (about 2:45 into the video).

One thing is certain Ron Paul must have it right or so many people with much to gain from the war wouldn’t be so angry with him.

5 thoughts on “Giuliani v Ron Paul: Rudy and the media still clueless on 9/11”

  1. Lots of people think he’s a nut, so he must be right… unimpeachable logic there.

    Bin Laden stated that he was unhappy about U.S troops in Saudi Arabia; I don’t think he ever said anything about previous U.S. attacks on Iraq. So Paul’s main point was wrong.

    Bin Laden also was unhappy that the U.S. helped East Timor gain independence from Indonesia – was that a bad action as well?

    So many rhetorical knots one gets into when one tries to make U.S. policy the “root cause” of everything.

  2. Floyd – thanks for your intelligent comments. Too little of that going around.

    I’m not and I don’t the Ron Paul is trying to make US foreign policy the cause of everything. But beligerant actions by the US have contributed in a big way to hostility that is behind the 9/11 attack and many others.

    Re East Timor – I think RP’s and the founding fathers’ point was that even if it looks like a good thing at the time – you are taking abig risk getting in to other people’s business. Well – we took those risks – and look where it got us.

    Would the moderate Muslim world support the terrorist to the extent that they do if we had only done “the good interventions”? Who knows – I doubt it.

    But we didnt just do the good one. We did many many bad ones.

    Again thanks for contributing to intelligent argument. maybe the GOP and the media should take a lesson.


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