Reason #2,406 Why I’m Happy We Homeschool Our Kids

New York middle and secondary school children would be required to watch “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore’s documentary on global warming, under a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Peter Rivera, D-Bronx.

Rivera, chair of the Mental Health Committee, called the film “an excellent educational resource on the issues impacting life on our planet.”

Hat tip: NYPundit via Capitol Confidential

6 thoughts on “Reason #2,406 Why I’m Happy We Homeschool Our Kids”

  1. For fantasy .

    The extremity of its exaggerations and inaccuracies is widely recognized even by many who buy its basic premise . It is science fiction .

    Glen Beck on CNN , who I think is half an ass , had a very strong show this week on The Climate of Fear .

    As I point out in my upcoming Serf City print article Gore is a zealot of the Religious Left who seeks truth from christian evangelists while dismissing and denigrating tens of thousands of skeptical scientists .

  2. I gotta agree with Doc on this one. I wish more people would watch and hopefully come away with a greater appriciation of the environment and the world that we live on.

  3. My students, who are older than most kids in secondary schools, are sophisticated enough to recognize propaganda. Unfortunately, many teachers, especially in the middle schools, would probably present the film as definitive and their students would be involuntarily exposed to leftist fear mongering. I enjoy the irony that Peter Rivera, as chair of the dubious Mental Health Committee, doesn’t seem to consider the possibility that the film would only serve to further the pervasive sense of hopelessness and alienation experienced by our largely apathetic and disengaged middle school students…who, by the way, now have the highest absentee and failure rates in history, despite idiocies of the “No (every) Child Left Behind” act.

  4. @ Summer : It’s not an issue of who has a “greater appriciation of the environment and the world that we live on” . It’s what is the reality . If you came away from Gore’s movie with anything but an appreciation of the outlandish impossibility of melting Greenland and Antarctica raising the oceans 20 feet , then you have been effectively lied to .

    Gore jokes about his inability to tell a sign from a sine yet claims a righteous crisis requiring the lawyers , guns and prisons of the GlobalState to take more powers of decision away from the inferior average citizen . The CO2 alarmists claim a few molecules of it per 10,000 in the atmosphere will cause heat to flow up hill so that the mean temperature under this blanket surrounding our sphere will get hotter than the space around it . I have looked in vain for either the equations quantifying this phenomenon or the experimental demonstrations of this creation or extraction of free energy .

    Forget earth history ; where is their physics ?

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