The Phantom Loophole

My friend and the chairman of the NYC chapter of the Shooters Committee on Political Education, Dave Forgione, emails the following:

Last Night on TV was Councilman Hiram Monserrate and State Senator Eric Adams.  Monserrate was doing all the talking. He said that they were going to close the loophole in NYC that allows anybody without a pistol permit to walk into a gun store in NYC and buy handgun ammo, parts, accessories, clips (magazines) and get this: parts to convert a semi-auto to full auto.   

Yes you heard right, Councilman Hiram Monserrate thinks that anybody can walk into a gun store in NYC, of all places, and buy the full auto parts for a submachine gun without so much as showing a pistol permit!?!

This guy is a real BS Artist with an imagination. I guess he never heard of the “National Firearms Act of 1934.” And by the way, you do have to show a pistol permit to buy pistol ammo in NYC. Regardless, he also wants to stop the sale of pistol accessories, mags and other parts. What’s next, NYC compliant barrels and slides with serial numbers?
Please contact them:
Councilman Hiram Monserrate  718-205-3881  212-788-6862
State Senator Eric Adams  718-284-4700  518-455-2431

Dave Forgione
NYC Chairman of SCOPEny
NRA EVC NY-12 and Recruiter

2 thoughts on “The Phantom Loophole”

  1. Perhaps we should appreciate Public servants looking to ensure our safety. No one should have guns or accesseries period. The wild west was conquered long ago!!!

  2. Let’s see – Public Servants? As in that old Twilight Zone – if they are there to serve us it will be for dinner.

    Looking to ensure our safety? Tell that to the defenseless victims of violent crimes who are sitting ducks for thugs with guns, or knives, or screw drivers, or their fists or their tax laws. BTW the courts have decided that the government is not required to protect us even after they disarm us.

    No one should have guns? Says you. Constitution says otherwise.

    Wild west conquered? Do you mean when the US Government ignored it’s treaties with the Indians and massacred them?

    Are you actually saying you trust the government to protect you? Seen your paycheck lately?

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