Nanny Spitzer targets video games


Now that Goveror Spitzer has lots of time on his hands — having changed everything in Albany on day one — he will now focus on new legislation to keep violent video games out of the hands of kids.

To quote The Onion, “If only there were some people around whose job it was to raise these children.”

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7 thoughts on “Nanny Spitzer targets video games”

  1. Elizabeth Chandler

    Just as ridiculous as the accusation that Marliyn Manson was somehow personally responsible for Columbine, video games make an easy target to blame for violent behaviors.
    I’ve listened to rap, and rock, and played video games. But I’m not about to ever physically hurt someone. Sure, shoot-em-up video games aid in ones eye-hand coordination, and arguably desensitizes one to violent images. But the one and only time I shot a gun, I found it was a world away from a video game, and I could not even fathom turning it on a human being. The sight of a paper cut makes me faint, but I can play bloody video games all day and not feel that way.
    To anyone who blames music or video games for creating mass murderers, here’s a clue: these murderers were clearly emotionally and mentally ill, and they could have been inspired by a tulip to kill people. Throughout history, ideas, objects, religions, and emotions have all been used as tools and excuses for harmful and helpful actions and behaviors. To change laws because of the moronic actions of a few is completely ridiculous and shortsighted.

  2. My father told me that when he was behaving bad that his mother would tell him ” it’s because of those dam Tom and Jerry Cartoons!” Clearly now Tom and Jerry is just a little kid program that shows no harm. My point is that in every generation people make up excuses to the way young kids act. If your kid can’t handel the video game don’t let him play it. You can’t blame the video games because your kid goes crazy. Maybe it’s the faults and actions of adults that kid look up to. Kids always look for a role model and it their role model is their dad you is a killer, then guess who is going to be a murder.

  3. “To change laws because of the moronic actions of a few is completely ridiculous and shortsighted”

    I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately it happens in all walks of life. The majority gets punished as a result of the actions of a minority. That’s also how extreme laws are often justified.

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