Can you spare some…cops?

According to the Associated Press, Mayor Bloomberg was asked on April 11th, by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, if New York City could spare any NYPD cops for global peacekeeping missions. The article states that, “the U.N. peacekeeping department said 321 American police officers are currently involved in missions abroad, primarily training local police.” But, as the piece states, NYPD recruitment has been low, so there may be few, if any, cops to spare.

 Although the number of officers quoted as working abroad seems suspiciously low, the fact still begs the question; since when are police officers qualified or even desirable for peacekeeping missions? And why the NYPD?

I’m no International Affairs expert, but to me the equation is a bit disconcerting: More U.S. military + more U.S. police officers around the globe= good intentions? Maybe. But history would argue otherwise.

Mayor Bloomberg left the meeting without speaking to reporters, so perhaps we are only left to wonder.

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