NY Sun seized by Democratic insurgents

How else does one explain the Sun’s bizarre lead editorial this morning floating a Dick Cheney presidential run? I mean, is there anyone on the Republican roster – from D.C. to Peoria – who would be a worse candidate? Not just in terms of whether he would be a good president (he wouldn’t), but in potential to win the White House. I assume the Sun editorial board wants the GOP to win in 2008, right?

I mean, the Democrats could run Dennis Kucinich at this point and wipe the floor with Cheney.

I mean, the Repubicans could give the nomination to the great but regrettably unknown Ron Paul and have a better chance of winning.

I mean, Charlie Brown gets more valentines than Cheney would get votes at this point.

I mean, Dick Cheney???? Come on!!

The only other plausible explanation than a Democratic putsch is that the Sun editors ran with a belated April Fools Day prank since the holiday fell on a weekend this year, when the paper doesn’t publish.

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  1. Jim, That’s not Dick Cheney, that’s a big wooden and rubber dummy, and Karl Rove is inside pulling all the strings and levers. It’s Rove’s latest scheme for the Republicans to take over the country. Rove has figured out that if Dick becomes a nice person, and proposes all kinds of new Compassionate Conservative programs, the GOP has a good chance of hanging on to the White House and fulfilling its Freedom Agenda (and then all of us will be saved and live happily ever after). Nic

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