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  1. Pack up and leave! Really! How much abuse do you want?

    Put your mind on strike (until you get out of fantasyland) and put your body where is can live in more freedom. I recommend Wyoming or New Hampshire (but NH is surrounded by fantasyland, so chose with care).

  2. Actually, we’ve been having this discussion for years, and many of us have been threatening to leave continuously. The problem is, it’s a terrible, double-edged dilemma: While NYC gov’t is probably more socialist than any other place in America, NYC is also a place where you can do almost anything you want, if not above the table, say anything and live probably more free than anywhere else. It’s truly the Faustian Bargain for any libertarian, especially those who enjoy big cities and the variety you get in them, and no place has the variety of NYC. The question is, as a libertarian do you suffer more from the socialism than you enjoy from the freedom, do the infringements cost more than the satisfaction you get from lighting small grenades while being in the heart of the Death Star, do your tax payments do more harm than the money you spend voting with your pocketbook? For me, I rationalize staying here by telling myself that I’m helping to subvert people like the Bloombums, Schmuckmers and their ilk. Of course, not infrequently, when there’s some new disgusting statist assault on another one of our freedoms, I do often look in the mirror and ask myself, “How can you live in this place?” But I usually start thinking about all the positives, resigning myself to many of the negatives, and pledging to do more libertarian activism that offends the leftists and educates other people. Besides, I just don’t really believe that a place like NH or Montana is really any more libertarian than NYC, when you’re honest about the reality. Our problems lie not just with the government, but with human beings in general. Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many enlightened beings in the world, and I would say that there is a much bigger concentration of us in a place like New York than in other places. Staying in New York, I’ll be part of the solution to returning our city to being a cool place. We NY libertarians have already made a lot of progress on that. It might not seem like it, but I strongly believe that. Nic

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