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Beth Hoffman, RIP

It is with great sadness that I report the untimely death yesterday of Beth Hoffman, a true hero of the freedom movement. For over three decades, Beth was a FEE staffer and editor; she served as Managing Editor of the Freeman for many years and in her own humble way, truly was the backbone of …

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Peace Task Force Electoral Forum

I attended the Peace Task Force Electoral Forum this afternoon at All Souls Unitarian Church on Lex. and 80th. The room had about 20 socialists, an Obama apologist and three libertarians (Isaiah, Dee and me). Isaiah was terrific–contrasting the libertarian non-interventionist message with the wishy-washy position espoused by the Paul Weiss lawyer for Obama and the socialist, we’re all …

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The police are here to harass you

Has anyone noticed how belligerent the police have become of late? (Yes, I know they have always acted that way, but it seems even more ubiquitous recently.) Incredibly, four separate people I know have contacted me after being harassed by the police in just the last three months.  I am beginning to think there is a concerted …

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Life in the War Zone

So there’s a cornucopia of cops, a plethora of police, a bevy of badges, a fuckload of fuzz these days in my neighborhood. You get the idea: It’s like being in an occupied country.  Thank goodness all the dictators currently in residence in Turtle Bay are not being inconvenienced by taxpaying, working people trying to …

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Constitution Day

Pay No Attention to This Day by Harry Browne September 17, 2003 This day isn’t important. There are far more significant days in the year: . Labor Day, when we pretend to care about other people’s jobs while frolicking at the beach. . Election Day, when we pretend we’re making a difference by voting. . …

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Good line from Jesse Helms.

From the AP story on his death: “Compromise, hell! … If freedom is right and tyranny is wrong, why should those who believe in freedom treat it as if it were a roll of bologna to be bartered a slice at a time?” Helms wrote in a 1959 editorial that foretold his political style.

My Letter to the Times on Barr Article

To the Editor:   Thank you for prominently covering the Libertarian Party Presidential candidacy of Congressman Bob Barr (“A Candidate Runs to a GOP Chorus of ‘Don’t’” 6/28/08 Page A1).   It is inaccurate however to depict Barr as a spoiler. To make such a claim presupposes that certain votes belong to one of the major party …

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Supreme Court Roundup

Who’s the most influential man in America right now? If you answered Anthony Kennedy, go to the head of the class. The Court handed down its most important decisions of the term in the past two weeks, each by a 5-4 margin but really by 1-0. In all four cases, Justice Kennedy was the determining …

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