Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson Wins 2012 Libertarian Presidential Nomination

On Saturday May 5th former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson won the 2012 Libertarian presidential nomination.  Johnson won the votes of more than 70% of the nearly 600 delegates who attended the Libertarian National Convention in Las Vegas.  Johnson describes himself as fiscally conservative and socially tolerant and says he thinks most Americans are too.

He says he will propose a balanced budget for 2013 and cut spending by $1.4 trillion.  He also promises to veto any bill that causes spending to exceed revenue.  As New Mexico Governor he vetoed 750 bills. The vast majority of the vetoes were sustained.

Johnson would also immediately end the war in Afghanistan. He supports marriage equality and opposes drug prohibition. He advocates legalization of marijuana. He is also pro-choice.

He’s run for public office only twice -both times as a Republican for New Mexico Governor – and won both times in a heavily Democratic state.

Here is CSPAN video of Friday’s debate between Gary Johnson and his opponent Lee Wrights.  Check out Gary Johnson’s Campaign here.



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