Dec 13 MLP Monthly Meeting with Jak Karako on the Objectivist Connection

Jak will be making the case as to why Objectvism, a rational view of life is a not a luxury but a necessity for the LP and more importantly the future of the civilization. He contends that LP has to focus it’s efforts on the life enhancing, meaningful, positive aspects of liberty and the philosophy that places freedom as the only proper human state, instead of the fringe topics which it will be constantly forced to defend. He will also demonstrate why some of the best known defenders of freedom cause the most harm to the cause.

He may demonstrate a few slick tango moves also !!!

Jak Karako, founding member and the first chair of the Manhattan LP, ran for City council three times, once for NY state assembly and once for NY state senate under the Libertarian banner. He is a financial anlayst for Citibank, and a professional tango instructor.

Manhattan Libertarian Party