Napolitano, Health Care and Nullification

You have to check out this Freedom Watch November 11 segment (linked below) . Judge Napolitano interviews former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson about H.R. 3962, the recently passed House Health Care bill.  In the midst of a sea of despair over the latest assault on personal sovereignty, constitutional government and fiscal sanity, we have The Judge seriously suggesting State “Nullification”.  It’s positively inspirational.

You need to see it yourself.  Napolitano points our that the Bill authorizes the IRS to enforce new government health insurance mandates.  Mandates that even have Democrats complaining they were written by the health insurance industry.   So what can we do about it?  Perhaps what Thomas Jefferson and James Madison did when that pillar of freedom John Adams and his henchmen enacted the Alien and Sedition Acts – the States could “just say NO”.  In the Kentucky and Virgina Resolutions two of our Founding Fathers suggested that the sovereign State Governments should declare the Acts null and void (Nullification) and even that it was the duty of State law enforcement officials to protect the State’s citizens from the initiation of force by Federal officers attempting to enforce the Acts (Interposition).  Damn, Judge!  That’s MY kind of talk.  Want to run for President?  Move to NYS and run for Governor next year!   Anybody who seriously talks about Nullification is cool in my book.  Out of the question? Too radical?  The Judge points out some interesting examples.  Think of California and Medical Marijuana. Think of Real ID.  It’s not exactly the same but things are different than they were in 1798.  

That’s what I call pokin’ a finger in the eye of  The Oppressor.  I’ll take a dozen.  The Judge is currently in negotiations to take Freedom Watch mainstream.  We need to make THAT happen.   RUN,  don’t walk to your email system and let the powers that be over at Fox know that we want more of The Judge.  Send email to with FREEDOM WATCH WITH THE JUDGE in the subject line.

Watch the video here

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