NYC Libertarians submit over 10,000 signatures for 10 Libertarian party candidates!

I was delighted to be a very small part last night in the submission at the Board of Elections of over 10,000 signatures on petitions for 10 candidates of the Libertarian Party in New York City.

In addition to three city-wide candidates, we have Borough President and City Council candidates in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

The signatures were all collected at a total cost of $-0- to the LP!

In particular, kudos to our candidate for Mayor, Joseph Dobrian, who collected 3,000 signatures on his own. And further kudos to the entire Brooklyn team, headed by Gary Popkin, which generated 6,000 more signatures. And thanks too to Dan Halloran running for City Council in Queens who brought petitions with over 1500 signatures for his City Council candidacy on the Libertarian line. 

The results of the hard work of all our volunteers was truly fantastic. Now on to the campaigns to educate the sheeple in New York that there’s an alternative to King Mike and his cronies!

Mark Axinn
Secretary-Treasurer, Manhattan Libertarian Party

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