Stiffed by Big Oil

DeSmogBlog has published an expose on the funding behind the nefarious co-sponsors of the International Conference on Climate Change, taking place March 8-10 at the Marriott Marquis. The Manhattan Libertarian Party happens to be one of those nefarious co-sponsors.

According to DeSmogBlog, these co-sponsors “have received in excess of $47 million from oil companies and right-wing foundations.” Cool! Payola from the special interests at last. It’s about time we were compensated for our ruthless commitment to unbridled capitalism.

Alas, in the detailed breakdown of special-interest funding by organization, the report says that the Manhattan Libertarian Party has┬áreceived no funding from the top three sugar daddies — ExxonMobil, the Scaife Foundations and the Koch Foundations. Well, why the hell not? If there’s money to be made from this global-warming skepticism thing, we want in!

These pikers at Big Oil are almost as bad as the cheapskates at Big Telecom, who have yet to us the check they promised.

If you’re attending the International Conference on Climate Change, be sure to visiting the Manhattan Libertarian Party booth in the exhibition hall.

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