Peace Task Force Electoral Forum

I attended the Peace Task Force Electoral Forum this afternoon at All Souls Unitarian Church on Lex. and 80th. The room had about 20 socialists, an Obama apologist and three libertarians (Isaiah, Dee and me).

Isaiah was terrific–contrasting the libertarian non-interventionist message with the wishy-washy position espoused by the Paul Weiss lawyer for Obama and the socialist, we’re all imperialists position of the Green Party spokeswoman.

One member of the Congregation came up to me afterwards to complain about the Demopublicans (his word!) and another asked Isaiah why the media ignores third parties and pretends that there are only two candidates running for President.

This is after last night when Rich Cooper, Joseph Dobrian and I attended the Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn Walkathon in Park Slope. Once again, it was an overwhelmingly socialist crowd where we were able to show support for a common cause. Did we win any converts at either fora? Probably not but if we can continue to demonstrate that the freedom philosophy has the best solutions for this country, then perhaps we can begin to make a difference.

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