Save the Last Lap Dance for Me

It looks like the end of the line for another cherished New York institution. If the thugs at the State Liquor Authority get their way, Scores adult entertainment club will soon go the way of CBGB and the automat.

Scores West already lost its liquor license last night, apparently, as the result of alleged backroom prostitution involving some of the dancers. (Hey, not everyone has the time to take a train to DC to hook up with prostitutes.) No prostitution is alleged at the original eastside Scores, but the same two managers’ names are on the liquor license at both locations. Once they lose their liquor license at one location, they become “prohibited persons” who are ineligible to hold any other liquor licenses.

I spent more than a few evenings at the original Scores in the early ’90s, until I grew tired of paying $10 for a bottle of Bud and having tits in my way when I’m trying to watch Monday Night Football. Still, it will be a sad day for New York City if and when Scores closes its doors for good. The Disneyfication of the Big Apple that began under Giuliani continues.

And whoever came up with with the lede “Thanks for the mammaries!” for the New York Post article deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

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