McCain Soft on Taxes – Hard to Stomach

What sets John McCain apart from the rapidly thinning Republican Presidential field? He is the only remaining Republican candidate who has not pledged to refuse to raise taxes.  According to Americans For Tax Reform, Huckabee, Romney  and of course, our hero Ron Paul, have all all signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.   McCain has not.

With a recession looming, tax cuts (and of course the attendant spending cuts) are badly needed.  Recessions reduce tax revenue and increase deficits so you could argue that the only politically practical way to control the deficit is to keep the economy strong by cutting taxes.   Interest rate cuts just encourage more bad investment decisions and prolong the agony. For some background on the problems with interest rate regulation check out

But does McCain get it? Apparently not. While McCain has scored at high as above 80% with the ATR he has also fallen to 66%. ATR suggest that he has “tried to reinvent himself as a taxpayer friendly Senator”. Sure John, I trust you.

Here is a short list of other completely wrong headed McCain Votes

No – Economic and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act, Conference Report – May 26, 2001
No – Death Tax Repeal Sense of the Senate – February 13, 2002
No – Permanent Repeal of the Death Tax – June 12, 2002
No – Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 – May 15, 2003
N0 – Jobs and Growth Conference Report – May 23, 2003

The list goes on and on.

To all you prospective McCain voters – please ask yourself whether our economy can withstand higher taxes. Then ask yourself if Ron Paul isn’t a better choice.

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