Thank You Larry Sharpe!

On November 6th, 2018 Larry Sharpe made history for the Libertarian Party of New York by getting well over the 50,000 required votes and securing official party status for us for the first time in The State Party’s history. This was not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination but in the face of numerous obstacles including a corrupt political establishment Larry Sharpe persevered and was able to get over 90,000 votes! Larry, his Lieutenant Governor Andrew Hollister, and their devoted and dedicated campaign team have won an amazing victory for the future of our party.

Beyond the amazing results they achieved on election day are the many achievements they made throughout this campaign. Larry visited and held events in every one of New York’s 62 counties throughout the past year and a half. It was common for him to hold 3 or 4 events a day while supporting small businesses and making himself completely available to the public for questions, concerns, or criticisms. Larry’s ability to inspire people turned his campaign into a movement. It was particularly astounding to watch his numerous interviews, from Ebro in the AM on Hot 97; The Joe Rogan Experience; The Rubin Report; Glenn Beck; Kennedy on Fox Business; Nick Gillespie with Reason; John Stossel; and numerous local media outlets. These efforts have led people from all over New York State to flock to the Libertarian Party of New York and it’s local chapters which is an amazing accomplishment.

And now we find ourselves in a position to make real impact in New York and with the opportunity to spread the message of Liberty to this State. We have the opportunity to devote more resources to growing the party and spreading the message. And for that and your tireless dedication to this party we Thank You Larry Sharpe.