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Wal-Mart Shrugged

According to the Times, Wal-Mart has written off New York. Thanks, union a-holes. I love overpaying for groceries and sundries. Really, thanks a million.

“The go-to site for NY Libertarians…”

… (both with a capital and lower-case ‘l’).” So says the lovely and talented Karol Sheinin at Alarming News about this here blog.

But there must be some political advantage!

I’ve been getting my hopes up, but The Empire Zone is reporting that, alas, there probably won’t be a shutdown of the New York State government over the budget impasse. Of course, the real reason the pols don’t want a…

Lesczynski on the radio

I’ll be discussing my new book The Walton Street Tycoons on The Sloan Ranger radio program on WGNU 920 AM in St. Louis. I’ll be on about 5:35 p.m. Central time (6:35 p.m. Eastern time). You can listen live on the Internet.

How does this blog thingy work anyway?

It’s long overdue, but Serf City, everyone’s favorite libertarian tabloid, finally has a blog. Since we only publish about 3-4 paper issues a year, this will give our writers a forum for communicating with our loyal readers between issues. What…