Brooklyn’s Heroic Dr. Claw Has the State on His Tail

The current issue of the Brooklyn Paper has a fascinating profile of Dr. Claw, an underground dealer of delicious lobster rolls. Although his black market lobster roll business is insanely popular with Greenpoint gourmands, it’s not so popular with agents of the Department of Environmental Conservation, who would like to shut him down because he doesn’t have a catering license.

To avoid getting busted, Dr. Claw won’t reveal his real name to his customers and disguises himself in Ali G-ish wigger garb. The article closes with instructions on how to hook up with Dr. Claw for a lobster roll fix. Unfortunately, he only serves northern Brooklyn, so those of us in Manhattan and elsewhere are out of luck for now.

1 comment for “Brooklyn’s Heroic Dr. Claw Has the State on His Tail

  1. drewo
    May 13, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    Just like my drugs, soon I can buy my food on the black market!

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