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New York needs a Libertarian Governor

New York needs to change from being the Governed State to the State of Choice. We need to shift the power from where it is now, with the government, back to where it belongs, to the people. The only way to do this is by the people of NY electing a Libertarian Governor. Otherwise, with either of the two big power-thirsty parties running the State, the power will continue to shift like it has been for decades – from the people to the New York State Government.

What a Libertarian Governor will do, that a Democratic or Republican Governor will not do, is start the transition of decision making (Liberty) in all aspects of New Yorkers lives from the government to the New Yorkers themselves. Where it belongs!

Let New Yorkers make decisions on how to spend our money, money we earned. Let New Yorkers make decisions on our healthcare, who we marry, how we raise our children, and on what to do with our own bodies. It comes down to this – do you want to make your own decisions or do you want the government of NY to do it for you? And these are not small decisions the government is currently making. They are big, important, and personal ones!

The biggest and most powerful freedom that the New York State Government is currently taking away from us is how to spend our money. How is this happening? The NYS Government is taking 8% of your earned income and then they decide what to spend it on. An easy example: if a New Yorker earns $100,000, the NYS Government will take 8% of that, which is $8,000. They take $8,000 from you! You do not have control of how the $8,000, your $8,000, is spent. A Libertarian Governor wouldn’t want that to happen, but, just to be clear, both Republicans & Democrats want that. They want to the Government making the decisions, not you. If that freedom wasn’t taken from you by the government, you could put that $8,000 to work however you saw fit. Donate it to a charity of YOUR CHOICE, help someone with their tuition, make the decision yourself. Imagine sitting down at the end of every year and deciding who or what you are going to help. Voting for a Libertarian will put us on that course, the course of putting an out-of-control State Government back in its proper place.

Decisions on New Yorkers healthcare is currently being made, not by the NYS Government but by the Federal Government, via the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Again, just to be clear, this was allowed by a political machine that consists of both Democrats & Republicans. THEY did this to us, took our decision making power away and put it in the hands of Washington, D.C. Decisions about our healthcare! We need to take the power to decide on our healthcare back. This can be done, but only if we have someone from a political party that believes freedom belongs to the people, not the Government. Ask your Doctor how he/she feels about the ACA. Ask them if they like having the Government embedded between them and you. I know how my personal doctor feels about it. It is a disaster that the medical sector has never seen before. And how does he feel about me, the one who has lost his freedom to control his healthcare? He feels sorry for me, sorry that this has happened to all of us.

These are just 2 of the many items that will either continue to occur OR begin to fade away depending on how you vote. Republicans and Democrats are the same creature. A creature that has an enemy it is always looking to crush. Their enemy is also a Libertarian’s best friend, the one thing Libertarians will always fight for, without exception: FREEDOM. Vote Libertarian, you will be voting for someone who will NEVER take away your freedom. Vote for the 2 big parties, you will be voting for your freedom to continue to vanish. New York State, vote Libertarian before it is too late or you will not even be able to vote at all.

3 thoughts on “New York needs a Libertarian Governor”

  1. This is a laudable proclamation.
    Of course posting it here is only preaching to the choir.

    Will it be posted in more general venues?

  2. Hi Gary,

    Thank you & yes it is preaching to the choir but it is usually good to preach nonetheless. It has been posted on several platforms. If you think of any platforms please forward them to me and I’ll post it there.


  3. Their are two critical elements here. First, the NY voters appear to want the politician that provides a centrist government that provides services to all for all things – Socialism. There is an appetite for “something for nothing”. On the other hand is the decentralized libertarian view that one must balance the budget. You don’t add debt to debt to balance any budget. Since the state cannot create money as the FED does, they must add taxes if the citizens want these services. The focus needs to be CUT services. Teach personal RESPONSIBILITY. If successful, you would be on the way to change NY. Right now, I would not hold my breath for that to occur. Usually, a catastrophe such as the 1930s will have to come to change people. There is no incentive for any politician to change.

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