Monthly Meeting Feb 14: David Casavis on Eliminating the Borough Presidencies

 In 1989 the supreme court declared the  government of the City of New York unconstitutional.

It was a controversy over the Board of Estimate which then ruled the City.
The ruling, in “Board of Estimate City of New York v Morris” was based on the grounds that the more populous boroughs, such as Brooklyn, had no more effective representation on the Board of Estimate than boroughs with smaller populations.  The City of New York was in violation of the one man-one vote principle.
The Borough Presidencies of the five Boroughs had considerable power and influence under the old  Board of Estimate system.  After the Board of Estimate was dissolved, and replaced by the New York  City Council, there was little left for the Borough Presidents to do.
A ballot initiative to eliminate the office, with its 100 politically appointed employees, two  cars and chauffers, and its  $160,000 plus salaries is proposed.  The  Borough Presidencies are beached whales, and only citizen action can eliminate them.

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