Articles, Ads Wanted for Next Issue of Serf City

Contrary to rumor, the print edition of Serf City is not dead. Despite being forced by The Man to purge our plastic newsracks from the streets of NYC, we are moving forward with the next paper issue.

Ernie Hancock, godfather of the r3VOLution and candidate for Libertarian Party national chairman, has proposed that we round up a bunch of activist and blitz the subways one morning with thousands of copies of the new issue. In fact, he is volunteering to travel from Arizona to NYC to join in the fun. 🙂

We want to print the new issue of Serf City by the end of April, which means that we need to have all content in hand no later than Monday, April 12 (not coincidentally, the date of the next meeting of the Manhattan Libertarian Party). Send us your articles, photos and cartoons examining New York politics from a libertarian perspective.

Most of all, we needs advertisers to help pay for production. Ad rates are $500 for a full page, $250 for a half page, $125 for a quarter page and $75 for an eighth-page (business card) ad. Drew Olewnick can provide you with ad size specs.

Please send all your editorial and advertising content ASAP, but no later than April 12, to

Jim Lesczynski
Editor Emeritus
Serf City

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