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I’m 19 years old. Every time I get a paycheck, about 5% is missing, gone to a line that says “Social Security.” Theoretically, when I turn 65 I’ll start receiving a check every month or so based upon how much money I’ve earned in my life. I don’t think this is going to happen. I have this sinking feeling that whatever incarnation of the United States of America exists in 2054 will not have the money I’ve paid in. Often times, when people think there’s a risk that something they’re promised won’t occur, they take out insurance on said event not occurring. Unfortunately, international leaders would probably frown upon legitimate insurance markets second guessing them. They tend to follow the George Constanza “It’s not a lie if you believe” line of reasoning. Barney Frank said that the stimulus isn’t working because not enough people believe in it. How is the statist redistribution of income that is Social Security going to work if companies are allowing people to brazenly state lack of confidence in the system? This is where gambling comes in. Insurance if often equated to very well informed gambling. Thus, armed with the information I have, I intend to find some gambling parlor which will allow me to place the bet that I social security as it is currently known will not exist, or at the very least will not pay me any money, when I turn 65. I have more faith that an offshore gambling concern will be around with my money come 2054 than social security.

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  1. chuckv: you are indeed young ! not 5% of your income is “missing”, more like 13% goes to social security and medicare/medicaid. between these three programs, the average net present value IOU to Uncle Sam is around $180,000 per person in the USA. This is pathetic, but have hope, as its still about 1/2 as the IOU the Europeans owe their governments !
    hang in there, cameronw

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