A healthy dose of skepticism

“Why do you want to raise my energy prices?” Myron Ebell instructed attendees at the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change to ask their congressional representatives. A seemingly counterintuitive question posed by a prominent global warming “skeptic” who’s reportedly in the pocket of big oil, namely Exxon, and was listed in Greenpeace’s “A Field Guide to Climate Criminals” distributed at the 2005 UN climate meeting.

However, enough environmentalists who swear by anthropogenic global warming and it’s doomsday predictions would answer Ebell’s question by stating the need to create more “green jobs”, finding alternative energy sources, and imposing significant restrictions on what they consider to be a gross and even immoral excess of energy consumption by developed nations, namely the US.

Yet more data and information is surfacing that completely refutes the notion of manmade global warming. Facts such as global temperatures decreasing since 2001 despite the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But most importantly, the growing chorus and dissent of 31,478 American scientists who’ve signed a petition against the Kyoto agreement and refuse to be counted into the consensus of less than 700 scientists who’ve helped “author” the UN’s IPCC reports. Their petition can be viewed at www.petitionproject.org.

Which is why a more accurate question that should be asked is “Why do our governments want to UNNECESSARILY raise our energy prices and convince us that government mandated energy rationing is somehow a viable alternative?”

A question which should be posed to Al Gore and T Boone Pickens, who are working together on a ten year plan to get all utilities off of carbon based fuels and move to an energy system “based on fuels that are free forever” as Gore has stated. A noble chore indeed, one that not a single attendee at the 2009 ICCC would argue against. Unless of course Americans are left with no choice but to have to conform to whatever Gore and Pickens push through if they have their way and tax the coal industry out of existence as Obama had suggested last year.

And why exactly would a multi-billionaire such as Pickens care to invest in an energy system that could be supplied to anyone at any time free of charge, and no less forever? Especially under the guise of “saving the planet” from carbon dioxide, the very gas we exhale.

“Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life” stated MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen, another guest speaker, and noted manmade global warming skeptic at the ICCC. And if that dream happens to collude with a multi-billionaire’s Shamanic vision for unlimited profit, the answer to Ebell’s question is a foregone conclusion.

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